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Myron Holubiak, President and Chief Executive Officer, Director

We thank you for visiting Citius Pharmaceuticals.

Our mission is to identify and develop meaningful drug products that are innovative, effective and safe—products that also address diseases and conditions that currently have few therapeutic alternatives. We have staked out a position where our strategy is to use expedited regulatory pathways, such as 505(b)(2), to get to market expeditiously, yet still capitalize on unique indications and opportunities. In effect, our goal is to lower development risk and time-to-market while maintaining the potential for a significant reward, similar to a new chemical entity.

Our first obligation will always be to patients. We seek to offer therapies that are safe, provide desired outcomes, and have few alternatives. Our goal is to develop products that improve the patient’s chances for good medical outcomes and reduce discomfort. Our products will be effective, safe and affordable. We don't want patients or clinicians to have any barriers to being able to access our therapies.

We also have an obligation to members of the medical community who treat patients and prescribe our products. We want to assure them that each of our offerings provides a significant improvement in patient care. We will also provide complete and fair-balanced information that will facilitate informed decisions that are both best for the patient and also cost-effective.

Finally, we have an obligation to our shareholders and investors that the company provides a good return on investment through efficient operations. Management will conduct itself ethically and with the highest standards, while continually pursuing opportunities that improve the value of the company. I welcome you to visit and explore our website to learn more, or feel free to contact us directly.

With our highest regards and sincerely,

Myron Holubiak
President and Chief Executive Officer, Director

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